How important is my photography?

Here’s a quote from one of the most well-known wedding and event designers in the country – and we couldn’t say it any better:

“What's the point of orchestrating the wedding of your dreams without incredible documented images to depict the biggest day of your life?

Save the groom, there's quite possibly no other person as carefully chosen by a bride-to-be for her wedding as the photographer.” Colin Cowie

So, once you have your date and secured your venue - securing your photography studio should be next in line.

After all else is gone – the only things left are: the marriage, the dress, the shoes - ok, we can't underestimate a great pair of shoes :) – and the photographs. So when you are looking to relive your amazing wedding and all those intangible moments you might not remember - that’s where we come in. It’s not just about showing up with a camera and shooting all the obvious moments – but those distinctive, emotional and elusive ones that bring back all the joy, laughter and love you celebrate on one of the most significant days of your lives.

For all this – your photography should be considered an investment – not just another wedding expense. One last thing regarding price – compare apples to apples when considering photographers.

Experience, trust and the artistic ability to capture exceptional moments all go into what our clients receive before, during and after each wedding. In fact - most of the hours are spent after your celebration - perfecting each image as a work of art.

What is your photography style?

One of the frequently asked questions and yet our answer is simple: we are documentary photographers in the truest sense of the word. We create images based purely on what the moment dictates. We don’t force things as that definitely will show in the finished product.

We don’t embrace the “good enough” theory of photography. Just as your special day is extremely personal to you, our work is personal to us. That's why we approach every job or project as another incredible opportunity to create lasting art for all our clients.

How will you photograph our wedding?

More than photographers, we are storytellers behind the lens.

… but who are you?

Are you an artist, investor, teacher, designer, athlete, musician… We are there to produce images that tell your story and document what makes you… YOU.

Our motto is to keep a low profile when shooting while always letting our clients know we are there to support their vision and offer our artistic perspective.

Through experience, we understand each wedding, event or personal portrait session has its own unique and extraordinary moments. It's our job to create a relaxing and fun environment for capturing these moments as they naturally happen. That's the beauty of photography for us.

"I have worked with TONS of photographers for many events I've done at Calvin Klein and now with Vanity Fair - Gina and Jude are by far the best!"


How far in advance should we think about booking a photographer for our wedding?

It depends – some book as far as 18 months to 2 years in advance. The key factor is making sure you get who you want for your wedding. Since there are only a few prime weekends in a year – especially in the summer and fall – we recommend booking well in advance to make sure we still have your date available.

We are photojournalists, we capture what's real – not the posed “cookie-cutter" shots many amateurs fall into to.

That’s probably one of the # 1 reasons most of our clients hire us -

We specialize in creating very real, emotional moments with an artistic edge.

“intuitive and sensitively unique photography at its finest”.

NY Magazine

All our wedding work depicts real clients – no models here! We just make you look and feel like one.

When will we see our images?

Eight to ten weeks is the general rule. When working with an experienced studio, post-production is a critical factor in the process and makes all the difference between mediocre and amazing photography.

Our studio is proficient in the art of Photoshop, creative editing and subtly enhancing each individual image for absolutely stunning results our clients love – especially our brides!

Do you have insurance?

The proper insurance is important. Not only is all our equipment covered – but we also have liability coverage of $2,000,000 and anyone who is serious about their business will also be covered – protecting both our business and our clients.

Do you do post-production work on the images?

Our speciality!

We never farm out the post-production but hand process each and every image you receive. We do what many photographers don’t – spend the extra time – all included in our packages – to make sure that each image you receive is stunning.

Especially with weddings where so much has to be captured at a moment's notice - so many of the basic elements of photography are challenged: lighting, weather, backgrounds, screaming children, emotional relatives :) etc. We also cosmetically correct and clean up each image. Because let's face it everybody - by the end of the day all that crying, laughing, celebrating and dancing takes a toll - but enjoy!! and have fun - all those little details are cleaned up in post-production.

This is where our strong backgrounds in painting and illustration come into play. The key is to be subtle so nobody notices you did anything.. except all our brides say "Wow, I look amazing! Thank you!"

What’s the advantage of having two “principal” photographers?

Receiving two principal photographers allows us to capture a wedding from two unique perspectives. We work together most of the time. Moments and events tend to happen simultaneously and we are there to capture all of it! Our clients love this option. - especially during

the “getting ready” portion of the day and throughout.

What does “full-service” mean?

We are there for all our clients from beginning to end - "Trust" - means being there throughout your entire experience. From planning - to wedding day - to honeymoon and after - we are there to answer all questions and support our clients vision.

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