With an ease and comfort of working together as an unparalleled team – Gina and Jude continue to surpass all their clients expectations by creating innovative, artistic and emotionally charged images their clients value always.

To paraphrase what clients love about our work: "looking through your images is like watching a documentary film by virtue of still photography - a complete narrative".

“Working together, having an equally artistic partner and best friend has been and continues to be the highlight of my life. We have this shorthand when we work together, almost this telepathic sense of what’s coming next that gives a special edge and our clients the security and trust they deserve."


“When you work with someone who is as equally invested and passionate about their work as you are… you’re pretty lucky. It’s great to walk down the street, turn to my best friend and say – 'hey, check out the way the light hits that doorway or look how beautiful that old man’s face is. Just a simple look and I know we're both on the same page. When we work together - it's a natural instinct we share and it's the best."


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