“You captured a moment in our lives that was particularly important to us; and you did it with such sensitivity that the warmth and glow of the occasion will remain with our family now forever.

That's what great photography does: it freezes love in time."

Ted Koppel ABC

What "Style Me Pretty" has to say about our photography...

"You may have heard me say this a time or two (or ten million), but staring at beautiful wedding imagery? It’s my favorite pastime… ever.

There’s just something about a pretty wedding day photo that never, ever fails to take my breath away, and when it comes to the amazing work of Renzi & Hawkens Studio, you can count on me being all sorts of speechless. I’m talking moment after moment of absolute perfection captured by some of the most brilliant photographers you’ll ever have the privilege to meet.

And about their work - it’s simply mesmerizing!"

"I have worked with TONS of photographers for many events I've done at Calvin Klein and now with Vanity Fair - Gina and Jude are by far the best!"


"Incredible, timeless and iconic images everyone wants to see from their wedding. The kind of photography that holds up to the test of time!

We spent a good portion of last night and this morning looking at our pictures and reliving our wedding. We LOVE them! We’re going to have a hard time picking a picture for our holiday / thank you card. There are SO many great ones! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for truly capturing the emotions of the day. We are so glad we chose you to shoot our wedding. The shots are incredible! Many look like they belong in a magazine. And the best part is that we barely knew you were there. You two are an incredible dynamic duo and we feel so lucky to have found you to shoot our wedding day. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!”

Alex and Matt GARDEN CITY, NY

“We thank you so much for all the incredible photos you took on our wedding day. It was a pleasure to work with you and we cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you put in on the day of the wedding and the preparation leading up to it. We will happily recommend you as professional and talented photographers. We are tremendously grateful for the images capturing the beauty, love, happiness and the glory of the day! We look forward to working with you again in the future… perhaps someday for child portraits.”

Abigail and Jesse MANHATTAN

"We would like to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation for all of your help in making our wedding at the Equinox Pond so special. It was an absolute pleasure working with you! We instantly felt at ease in your presence and really enjoyed the moments together with each other and our families before and during the wedding. We wish you all the best in the future and hope we have the opportunity to work with you again soon!"

Alison and Genta WASHINGTON D.C.

“We look back at our wedding photos and realize our memories are inherently tied to the photographs you captured. They truly document the beauty, emotions, love, joy and fun we shared with our family and friends that special day. You were such a pleasure to work with during the wedding, patient and unobtrusive, yet always in the right place at the right time. Thank you for capturing so many beautiful moments of our wedding."

Tamara and Jason NYC

"We got home this weekend and received your package – and once again, we were blown away! Every little piece of it was beautiful from the CD cases to the ribbons – what a presentation. And then when we looked at the pictures of the wedding book, we realized we hadn’t seen the full-size images yet and they are so much more beautiful when you see all the details – Wow! We love them! We are floored at how you captured the essence of our wedding celebration. We are so happy that we have such beautiful pictures to always help us savor the day. You both should be very proud of your work; it is wonderfully professional and shows your unique abilities to capture moments that are really the stuff of life, love and celebration. We are lucky to have found you! I know you both do this for a living, yet your passion for excellence and the love you have for the work you do shows. We are stunned at how beautiful your images are. Please believe me when we say that we have NEVER seen images that captured a moment as yours – it is in the way that you do it – that shows the beauty of your work!"

Christine and Shawn SAN FRANCISCO

“Gina and Jude, thank you for your incredible work. You captured it all… everything from my husband cracking me up during the first dance, to a rare “serious moment” between us. (how did you do it?) We were so impressed by the artistic quality of your work – the way an unusual angle could make the flowers or the candid or the cake that much more beautiful. And somehow, you did it all without once interrupting the flow of the day. You allowed us to just take it all in and enjoy it. If there were any doubt that our wedding day was the best day of our lives, we’ll have hundreds of photographs to prove it, and we simply can’t thank you enough for them."

Julia and Michael MANHATTAN

"Thank you both so much for the amazing images. You have created such lovely and timeless memories for us! We love them and you did such a wonderful job capturing our wedding day… and we are truly blesses to have found you."

Alexa and Shad DALLAS, TX

“Thank you so much for your beautiful work. We are both so fortunate to have these images always as a wonderful reminder of our wedding day. It was such a pleasure having you both there to capture all the love and joy we celebrated with our family and friends. Your kindness and professionalism were greatly appreciated by everyone and your work is so very special. Wishing you both the best of everything."

Sarah and Tom BOSTON, MA

"We just received the portfolio and the images are so beautiful! We’re so excited and thankful – everyone is enjoying them so very much and the book presentation is exquisite! Thank you so much for preserving the story of our wedding day. By capturing moments forgotten, we can relive our experience by the turn of the page.”

Betsy and Peter WRIGHTSVILLE, PA

“We absolutely love the photos and there was such a wonderful variety. We were confident we had found professional, committed and talented photographers after our first contact with Renzi & Hawkens Studio. Gina and Jude were effortlessly able to capture the most intimate moments while remaining unobtrusive. We felt at ease knowing how attentive they were throughout the day and night. They have given us a means to relive our special day, reflecting all of the effort, detail and care we put into the planning of our wedding. Before, during and after – Gina and Jude patiently walked us through the steps and were delighted to be of assistance in any way asked. It was a pleasure to work with them and it is a pleasure to recommend them!”

Kelly and Donald NEW HAMPSHIRE

“These images mean the world to us. They are absolutely beautiful! We really had fun with you documenting our wedding day. You felt like part of the family – going the extra mile for us. Everyone mentioned how warm and friendly you both were throughout the long, hot day! Thank you for giving us these memories to keep always. You are such a great team and it was such a joy working with you both. We could not be happier!”

Lauren and Steve OHIO

“Wow!!! The pictures are absolutely amazing! Mason and I just looked through them and we are so, so very happy! We love how you caught all the casual moments even as we were posing for pictures. Looking at them… we fell in love all over again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Kelly and Mason BOSTON, MA

“After spending time with your images and our wedding book over the weekend, it was like reliving the entire day. We laughed. We cried. We couldn’t stop smiling! Thank you for all your absolutely beautiful work! It was so special knowing it was both of you and your incredible talents behind the lens!”

Sondra and Bob KITTERY POINT, ME

“We cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful memories you captured for us! Our photographs are perfect and we will cherish them for many years to come. It was your unobtrusive manner and attention to detail that put the ‘icing on the cake’. We will highly recommend you wholeheartedly and we know we will be calling you again and again for future life moments that we want captured in only that special way you can.”


“Gina and Jude were a delight to work with from the start! Their professionalism, artistic talents, fun loving personalities and love of life were apparent from the first time we met them – and that definitely comes through in their work! They captured all the essential moments of our wedding day as well as the wonderful candid shots. Their photographs seem to ‘come to life’ on the paper! We highly recommend them for your special event.”

Gia and Joey LAKE GEORGE, NY

“Gina and Jude are incredible photographers! Their work is artistic and truly captures the day. However, their extreme talents are only surpassed by how comfortable they make the event. We, as well as our guests felt very natural under the lens and that is a great talent in itself! Many thanks for creating such tangible, special and beautiful memories for us!”

Katie and Willis MANHATTAN

“My wife and I were blessed to have Gina and Jude photograph our wonderful day of celebration. We sought very special photographers, artists who could get to the essence of who we are in our trueness and love for each other. Gina and Jude instantly met us on the deepest level and connected with us to make the day a memorable experience; not only are they the ultimate professionals, they are good, caring people who want to make the event as special as we did. Put it succinctly, they care! From the initial consultation to the end of our event, they were present, engaged unobtrusively – yet a real part of the magic of our marriage. Not only were our photos beautiful but more importantly they captured the emotions of the ceremony in a way that will live with us forever.”

Janeen and Michael ALBANY, NY

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